Back to Baku

Back to Baku is a Jazz and fusion band based in London. Francesca has been their lead singer since 2015, performing with them at renowned London venues such as The Troubadour and The Spice of Life.



Night Flight

Francesca collaborated on 'Night Flight', helping to create and featuring on the album's rich background vocals.  

"Night Flight plays the grooves of jazz, with the energy of rock and the heart of acoustic music. It plays with the panache of Steely Dan, the drive of Van Morrison, the complexity of Joni Mitchell – and the unpredictability of Rickie Lee Jones! But above all, it is itself – sophisticated and raw, groovy and melodic, clever and fun"

Zee Erf

Francesca is the lead vocalist on Zee Erf's new release of the 80's hit 'Southern Freeez'. Her collaboration on the single has lead to plays by Nigel Williams and Jeff Young on Jazz FM and on Solar Radio amongst others and has been highly received reviews by music publications such as DJ mag.


Francesca Mondi & Danise. Napoli; London.

In October 2017, Francesca Mondi will collaborate with the accomplished Naples based pianist and Composer 'Danise'. They are set to perform on the 11th of October 2017 in the beautiful Evangelical Lutheran Church of Italy. They will then inbark on a short tour of Naples and London Jazz clubs, bringing together these two wonderful cities.  

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