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Francesca Mondi tour dates

Friday and Saturdays ----- Bo Langs Chelsea-- ongoing, but check with venue.


Monday 12th November, 2018 ---- Guildhall Jazz Voice Showcase, Barbican
Sunday 4th November, 2018 ---- Russian Comedy opening, secret location tbc
Sunday 28th October, 2018 ---- Primo Bar, London
Friday 19th October, 2018 ---- Green Rooms Hotel, London
Tuesday 16th October, 2018----- Primo Bar, London
Tuesday 9th October, 2018 ----- Salon Noir, L'escargot, soho
Sunday 30th September, 2018 ---- The Cambria Monthly Jazz and Jam hosted by Francesca Mondi
Monday 27th August, 2018 ----- Pizza Express Holborn
Friday 13th July, 2018 ---- Green Rooms Hotel Bar 
Saturday 5th May, 2018 --- The Islington, London
Friday 6th April, 2018 ---- The Spice of Life, London
Friday 23rd February, 2018---- Biddle Bros, London
Sunday 18th February, 2018------ The Spice Of Life, London
Wednesday 28th January ---- Foxlow, Chiswick
Sunday 22nd October, 2017---- The Spice of Life, London
£4 on the door
Saturday 21st October, 2017----- Stoke Newington Music Festival
 11th October, 2017---- Evangelical Church of Italy, Naples
(Please email for details)
12th September, 2017 ---- The Islington, London
£5 with Guestlist/ £15 on the door
Wednesday 17th May 2017-----Strongrooms, Shoreditch
Thursday 27th April  2017 --- Devil's Door EP Launch --- Folklore, London
£5 on the door
Thursday 20th April 2017 -- Jazz Fundraiser for Young Women's Trust
Saturday 8th April  2017 --- The Spice of Life, London
£6 on the door
Thursday 16th March 2017---- The Cutty Sark, Greenwich
Thursday 19th January 2017--- The V&A Museum, London
Sunday 6th November 2017---- Cecelia Stalin's Vocal Workshop @ 606 Club
Tuesday 1st November 2016 ---- The Brazilian Embassy, MayFair
Tuesday 29th October 2016 ---- Intercontinental Parklane Hotel, MayFair
Wednesday 21st September 2016 ---- The Silver Sturgeon, Savoy Pier
Friday 29th July 2016------ The Troubadour
Wednesday 13th July 2016---- The Deck, The National Theatre
Friday 20th May 2016 ---- Mau Mau
Saturday 23rd April 2016 ---- Teabox, Richmond
Thursday 29th January 2016----- The Troubadour
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